Spring Getaway and Lobster?

Needless to say, we’ve all had more than our fill of winter this year. . .
SNOW, ICE and bitterly COLD . . . in amounts large enough to wear down even the most die-hard winter loving enthusiast. And it’s been so cold of late; even the local lobsters have taken on a different color. Blue Lobster

Can we get you to agree, it’s now time for a change!

We’d like to think that spring is just around the corner – and if history teaches us anything, we will begin to see and feel spring right here in southern New England before we know it. As a matter of fact, spring officially begins in just a few short weeks (4 to be exact) on March 20th. We can hardly contain our excitement as the days are already getting longer and March 8th which marks the beginning of Daylight Savings Time, is always a good sign that spring can’t be far behind. Even though we’ve been averaging a snow storm a week of late, we can take comfort in knowing that this cold, brutal winter can’t and won’t last forever!

Spring Lobster Lovers Getaway Package

Lobster – you know you want it.

Okay, so here at the inn our thoughts are turning from freezing cold winter weather to warmer and brighter spring days, and from staying indoors snuggled by the fireplaces to getting out and walking our local Boardwalk taking in spring’s rays of sunshine. So, let’s shift our thoughts from soups, chowders and hearty beef stews to something so many people seek in the early days of spring … LOBSTER ! ! !

Before we know it the chill of winter will begin to diminish, the grass will begin to green, the crocus will begin to pop, the birds will begin to sing and we all will begin to thaw! Warmer weather is a time when so many people are drawn out to the seashore to shake off some of the winter blues by walking on the beach, skipping a few stones across the waves, scavenging the shores for a few treasures and dining out on seafood. Any kind of seafood works, but we think Lobster is particularly attractive because of the many ways it can be served. Here along the shoreline we have as many great places to get and eat lobster as we do lobster dishes to eat. We eat it baked stuffed, broiled, hot or cold on a roll, mixed in eggs or added to mac & cheese, Alfredo, in grilled cheese sandwiches, bisque and chowder, just to name a few. YUM! In keeping with these thoughts of spring and lobster, we offer our Sail, Sale into Spring Lobster Lovers Getaway Package or what we sometimes refer to as “the perfect crustacean vacation”!!!

y Baked Stuffed Lobster Dinner

Baked Stuffed Lobster dinner!!!

Our Lobster Lover’s Spring Getaway Package includes all you may want and need for that perfect springtime getaway, and after the winter we had, we are sure it’s bound to be a great and busy spring here on the CT shoreline.

We’d love to have you visit and hope to see you, and spring, very, very soon!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us, and all of the romance we can possibly devote a day to, is the order of the day. Have you ever wondered what started this yearly declaration of devotion to the one(s) we love —interesting and surprising…

Truly, there are as many stories about St. Valentine as there are chocolates out there dipped and all ready for delivery. Most of these include stories of martyrdom and Christian saints named Valentinus. The one that strikes a chord with us is that of Saint Valentine of Rome who was imprisoned for performing weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry and for ministering to these persecuted under the Roman Empire. What a guy our St. Valentine… in order to be sure that true love prevailed he performed these marriages and was persecuted, jailed and eventually executed all in the name of love. However, it is believed that this day did not truly take on the importance of celebrating romantic love until Chaucer associated it in the Middle Ages and the tradition of courtly love flourished. So then in the 1300’s the idea of love and romance on this day is established. From here the Europeans began exchanging cards in the 1600’s and in 1840 the first mass produced Valentine cards were distributed in the United States. Through the years many symbols for love have emerged to include hearts, cherubs, flowers, chocolates and sugary confections, ribbon and lace greetings, love songs and poetry, romantic dinners and getaways, jewelry and champagne, these often lavish gifts are given by both sexes to the ones that they love the most.

Valentines at Inn at Harbor Hill Marina

          How will you celebrate Valentine’s this year?
                                Looking for Ideas?
Check out our Love is “Inn” the Air Valentine’s Package

Here are a couple of interesting pieces of Valentine trivia … 62% of all adults celebrate Valentine’s Day spending approximately $448 million on 58 million pounds of chocolate, 36 million of which are delivered in heart shaped gift boxes. But, the biggest seller at Valentine’s Day is sweethearts! Yes those little heart-shaped colored candy confections that all contain a sentiment appropriate to the day. “Be Mine”, “I Love You”, “Sweetest”, etc. are all written on the approximately 8 billion candies that are sold and could stretch from Rome Italy to Valentine, Arizona by way of Niantic, CT – 20 times over!

Valentine Chocolates

Here at the inn, we like to celebrate this special day throughout February… actually, throughout the entire year! Anytime and all the time is Valentine’s Day and perfect to celebrate with the one you love! There’s a lot of love going on here at the inn. We see guests arrive and fall in love with the sea, the views, the area, the beaches and the inn. We are so lucky to have the opportunity to share some very special memories with the folks that make them right here at the inn. We’re proud to say that more than one couple has chosen to become engaged here at the inn, most recently on New Year’s Eve. Guests come to us for so many reasons be it visiting family or romantic getaways for couples sharing a celebration of life, an anniversary, a special holiday or occasion and those that need to find a place to rest, relax and recharge their minds. Whatever the reason, we are always happy that you are here.

We love our guests – Happy Valentine’s Day!