Hawaiian Banana Bread Recipe

For those of you who have stayed with us before here at the inn know, we take great pride in offering a wide-array of breakfast offerings to hopefully please anyone visiting with us.  Morning starts with many guests being enticed by the heavenly aroma of our fresh brewed New England coffee and then, there might be the mouth-watering smells of brown-sugar-cinnamon topping on a baked entrée, or that get you every time smell of sizzling bacon or sausage.  Any given morning you can count on something being prepared with aromas wafting through the air suitable to make any palate happy.  Perhaps you will be met in the dining room with a beautiful baked Challah French Toast bursting with cinnamon-brown-sugar and pecans or a beautifully puffed egg strata bursting with fresh veggies, bacon and cheese.

No matter what the preference, we’re sure that there will always be something on our buffet that will appeal to the early morning diner.  One of the all-time favorites for that first-bite-nibble in the morning is our Hawaiian Banana Bread.  Breakfast for many starts with that first cup of coffee with ‘something sweet’ albeit a scone, a slice of coffee cake or fresh-baked muffin.  However, one baked goodie we make that gets many positive comments is our Hawaiian Banana Bread.  This recipe is extremely moist because it calls for a can of crushed pineapple and even if you add the optional nuts or chocolate chips it still remains as moist.  Are you getting the picture?  A steaming cup of our aromatic New England coffee and a bite of heaven – and the day just keeps getting better.

The beauty of this banana bread recipe is you don’t need a fancy mixer! A fork to whisk the eggs and a sturdy spoon to mix the batter with is all you’ll need. The sugar amount is flexible so adjust to your own personal liking. You can toss in a cup of chopped nuts, raisins, or chocolate chips if you want, or put the batter into muffin tins and make muffins instead. Here at the inn, we like making mini muffins or small loaves in mini-loaf pans.

Hawaiian Banana Bread
An unusual combination ~ so moist & delicious!
Not just for breakfast…

Hawaiian Banana Bread Ingredients

Dry Ingredients:
3 Cups all-purpose Flour
2 Cups Sugar
1 teaspoon Baking Soda
½ teaspoon Salt
1 tsp Ground Cinnamon
1 Cup Nuts or Chocolate Chips (optional)

Wet Ingredients:
3 Eggs (beaten)
1½ Cups Canola Oil
2 Very Ripe Bananas (mashed)
1 8-oz can Crushed Pineapple, well drained
2 teaspoon Vanilla Extract

In a large bowl combine the dry ingredients.
In a separate bowl combine the remaining wet ingredients.
Add the liquid mixture (wet ingredients) to the dry ingredients and
mix using a spoon (not an electric mixer) until just blended.
Pour batter into 5 greased mini-loaf pans (or mini-muffin pans).

Bake at 350 degrees for approx. 35 to 40 minutes or until a toothpick
inserted in the center comes out clean.
Adjust bake time for mini-muffins (approx 16-18 minutes)
Cool on a rack and loosen sides of loaves to remove from pans.

note: if you try this recipe and/or have questions about it, we would love to hear from you so please contact us at info@innharborhill.com with your feedback.

Hawaiian Banana Bread Baked Marti