Inn at Harbor Hill Marina Video Transcript

Audio: Music plays during the entire video

Video: Flyover marina and overlooking Long Island Sound

Video: Shows exterior of the Main Inn

Voice-over: Welcome to The Inn at Harbor Hill Marina, a charming waterfront bed and breakfast overlooking beautiful Long Island Sound.

Video: Shows drone footage overlooking Long Island Sound

Video: Shows the property sign and grounds

Voice-over: Nestled within the small town of Niantic Connecticut, this award-winning property is open year-round and features 16 uniquely decorated suites.

Video: Shows exterior of Main Inn

Video: Shows interior or Main Inn guestrooms with telescope and robes on the bed

Video: Shows interior or Captain Clark guestrooms with fireplace

Voice-over: All suites have a breathtaking garden or water view.

Video: Shows views from balcony of guestroom

Video: Shows marina

Audio: Bird Chirps

Video: Shows property grounds and exterior of Main Inn

Video: Shows syrup pouring over waffles and breakfast in bed

Voice-over: During their stay, guests will enjoy complimentary breakfast featuring a variety of signature dishes such as homemade waffles and eggs cooked-to-order.

Video: Shows close up of coffee and orange juice

Video: Water views and other boats in the water

Voice-over: Guests will also enjoy a complimentary evening wine reception, as well as, seasonally offered pontoon cruises.

Video: Boating

Video: Sail boats

Video: Shows beach access and beach views

Video: Shows Inn at Harbor Hill Marina beach chairs and close up of water washing over sand and rocks

Voice-over: The property is within walking distance to downtown Niantic, where visitors can experience the Niantic Bay Boardwalk, beach access and a variety of shopping and dining options.

Video: Main Inn Lobby

Voice-over: The Main Inn houses 9 of the property’s suites.

Video: Main Inn guestrooms

Voice-over: These suites vary in size, with the most desirable rooms having private balcony’s overlooking the marina.

Video: Marina view

Video: Main Inn guest bed with robes

Video: Main Inn bathroom vanity

Voice-over: All Main Inn suites have private bathrooms with glass door showers.

Video: Main Inn guestroom with water views

Video: In room telescope and bedding

Video: The Inn at Harbor Hill navy flag blowing in the wind

Video: Shows exterior of Captain Clark House

Voice-over: The Captain Clark House holds 7 of the property’s suites.

Video: Shows Captain Clark House front door

Voice-over: These suites also vary in size.

Video: Shows Captain Clark House Guestroom

Voice-over: All Captain Clark House rooms feature a fireplace, as well as, large soaking tub.

Video: Shows in-room fireplace and soaking tub

Video: Shows water filling tub

Video: Shows sailboat decor

Voice-over: Private balcony rooms are also available.

Video: Shows private balcony and balcony view

Video: Shows boats at the marina

Video: Shows Captain Clark House dining room

Voice-over: The Main Inn and Captain Clark House contain semi-private dining areas

Video: Shows Main Inn dining room

Voice-over: Both of which can be transformed into an ideal space for small meetings and events.

Video: Shows Captain Clark dining room

Voice-over: Both properties are able to accommodate gatherings of up to 15 people at a time

Video: Shows water glasses and green apples

Voice-over: And are ideal for corporate meetings, trainings, celebrations and more!

Video: Shows sitting area in Captain Clark House

Voice-over: The grounds of the Main Inn can also be transformed to accommodate intimate wedding ceremonies.

Video: Shows Main Inn grounds and gazebo

Video: Drone view of marina

Voice-over: The onsite marina contains 67 marina slips, available to both seasonal and transient boaters.

Video: Shows boats in the marina

Text: “Accommodating up to 45 foot yachts with 4 foot drafts”

Video: Shows a boat in the water passing by

Voice-over: The Maria is ideally located on the Niantic River, less than 1 mile from where the river meets the ocean. Guests of the Inn can enjoy the beauty of the Niantic, year-round.

Video: Shows outdoor whale décor

Voice-over: Guests of the Inn can enjoy the beauty of the Niantic, year-round.

Video: Shows two flags waving in daylight

Video: Shows woman speaking while standing in front of marina

Text: Marija Cvetkovic, VP of Strategic Development

Speaking: “On behalf of Avra Hospitality and all of us here at Harbor Hill Inn & Marina, we hope to see you soon!”

Video: Drone footage overlooking the main inn and grounds of the property

Video: Ocean view

Audio: Music stops, sounds of ocean waves begins

Text: Avra Hospitality logo

Text: The Inn at Harbor Hill Marina, Niantic Connecticut logo
(860) 739-0331
60 Grand Street Niantic, CT 06357

Video: Niantic sunset

Video: Concludes